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Aldo Calabrese

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The man’s got a lot of soul. -Vern Gosdin


I enjoyed producing this album for Aldo because he's different. When he approached me with this project, one thing was very clear, unlike a lot of artists Aldo knew exactly what he wanted. We took more time than usual on this project and in the end I believe we accomplished his vision. Aldo loves to 'Rock'- and I like that.
Ron Cornelius; Producer on the Open Road album.

I'm a huge fan of your music and have been hooked since I first heard it! There's just something about it that makes me take my mind off of the terrible things going on in the world and around me. You should be proud of all the joy you bring your fans and your dedication to the music industry! Keep up the great work!
-Obed R. Lewis; Carnegie, PA

I'm your biggest fan and listen to you whenever I'm in my car. When I'm not having a good day, I put your CD in and immediately feel better. Even my niece's and nephew LOVE to listen to your music. They're between eight and three and ALL know every word to your songs. When they're in my car they say, "Can you play Aldo's CD?" Can't wait to see you again when you come back to my area.
-Liz Fairman; Cleveland, OH

Thank you for the CD. I don't have one favorite song anymore. They're all great.
-Rena' Golcukluoglu; Nashville, TN

"I don't think I have ever met a person with so much enthusiasm for what he does and for what he wants. Go get it! And we will be looking for you on the next CMA awards!"
-Hoss; WKKY Radio- Geneva, OH

"We really love Aldo, he rocks!"
-Christy Brown; Ashtabula, OH

"A genuine talent... He sings with heart, compassion and soul".
-Terry Kilburg; Bellevue, IA

"I've known this man for over 20 years....he's always accomplished what he set out to do and I fully expect to see him on TV someday accepting the Country Music Award for best male vocalist. I love ya Aldo!
-Heather Shaw; Tampa, FL

"You just can't sit still when listening to Aldo's song's!"

-Les Swazzo; Rose-Mar International

I like your singing. Congratulations on what you've accomplished in your career so far. Keep plugging away, talent will win out and you have talent.
-Everett Adams; Newfoundland

"Country/Rockabilly/Rhythm and Blues. That's Aldo, all wrapped up into one neat package and ready for delivery. And deliver is just what Aldo does when he performs. He delivers a song with his uniquely blended style which can only come from the soul ... The self titled album, "Aldo" is filled with soul ... His personality comes through in his music ..."
-Portions of album review by Marlene Slater; My Kind Of Country

"I can't remember the last time I had a CD where I liked every song on it. I love both of your albums so much that I can't stop listening to them, so I have them in continuious play in my CD changer. I play them more then any other in my collection. I'm so addicted!!"
-Jennifer Hunsucker; Fairport, OH

"...A showcase example of this performer's writing and vocal abilities. "My Best Friend" is a super new song on radio now. "King Of Country Rhythm & Blues" and "Learning To Breathe Again" are other examples that should top radio charts."
-Ed King, Entertainment News Magazine; Santa Fe, TX

"I just want to say thanks for the CD with Aldo. It's so good, I've already played it at the two Radio stations I work at, and played it a lot at home. I found his homepage, so I could tell our listener's a little bit about him... Really good."
-Anne-Lykke Elling; Radio DJ, Denmark.

"Thank you very much for your music. I’m already deeply in love with it. This is exactly that kind of music I’m looking for!!! Imagine if all artists’ sounded like you? What a show I'd have on the radio! I love the sound on the album, it’s fresh, good dynamic and the mastering is great. I think that you can be very big everywhere."
-Jörgen Sjöqvist; “CountryExpress” radio show, Sweden.

"You are one of my favorite country singers. I just love to listen to all of your songs."
-Kevan Chase; New Haven, CT.

"I L-O-V-E your music."
-Jason DeHart; Lashmeet, WV.

"...A wonderful singer and performer...His voice touches my heart when he  sings a ballad… Makes me want to dance when he does his fast songs."
-Alicia Clark; Madison, OH

"That guy doesn't care if there are two people or two thousand. He will entertain them just the same… What a great entertainer."
-Garth Cornell; WKKY Radio - Geneva, OH

"I can dance, but he was like the bunny with the battery. We just couldn't go anymore, but he kept on goin and goin..."
-Justina Downes; Valier, PA.

"You've got to hear his music to understand the thrill of it...Wow."
-Roger McCoy; WMTZ - Johnstown, PA.