My Best Friend

I spent a long time believin'

I could stand on my own
I never needed anybody

until you came along
Now I can't live without you

I need you more everyday
I find comfort when I'm near you

my heart and soul are in your hands
And I love you more than anything, my best friend

you're the one that I can count on

you have so much to give
It's you that makes life perfect

in this world that we live
And everyday seems like the first day

but better than it was then
The way you make me feel about you

I never wanna let it end
Cause you love me more than anything, my best friend

We've been together for a while now

I think it's time we made some plans
So if you're ready for forever

come on baby take my hand
We can share all the good times

we can weather any storm
And when the road don't seem so easy

all you'll ever need to know
Is that I love you more then anything, my best friend
Yeah I love you more then anything, you’re my best friend

My best friend, My best friend, You're my best friend

Words and music by Aldo Calabrese
Copyright: 1998 Lil Bitty Publishing (BMI)