Life's Bridges

She got the news that he was gone
And realized she waited way too long
To tell him what he needed to hear
Apologize for the things she said
And for all the things she did
No, she didn't mean to break his heart


Thinkin' back to yesterday
The life they shared, the love they made,
How he made her feel like a queen
How could she have been so cruel
To throw away a love so true
What she'd give if she could've only seen


When you burn life's bridges down
You can't go back, can't turn it around
A lesson learned a little too late
Do to others as you'd have done to you
And obey all the other golden rules
And at the end you can leave with no regrets

She went to see him one last time
And couldn't help the tears she cried
As they sang Amazing Grace
In his hand was a letter she wrote
Wish she would've sent it a week ago
Oh God, let him rest in peace


Yeah at the end you can leave with no regrets

Words and music by : Aldo Calabrese
Copyright: 1998 Lil Bitty Publishing (BMI)