Learning To Breathe Again

We Made our vows, we wrote 'em in stone
We shared a love and we made a home
I lived my life to always make you smile
You took for granted what was meant to be
Broke my heart and you shattered dreams
I thought I didn't wanna see another sun rise


Too many night I spent alone
Too many hang-ups on the telephone
Too many times I begged you to come home
Too long livin on too many lies
Too long fighting your selfish pride
How much did you think this man could take?


Now I'm learning to breathe again
Time for my heart to mend
I thought my life would mean nothing without you
Learning to breathe again, learn to stand on my own again
The sun will rise tomorrow without you

I guess you shouldn't have called on me
You're seein' how it turned out to be
Some games are better left not played
You drained a heart that was filled with love
And waited till I'd had enough
And now you wish that you could turn back time


Words and music written by: Aldo Calabrese
Copyright: 1998 Lil Bitty Publishing (BMI)