Daddy's Shoes

I could hardly reach the pedals of that old back hoe
So I put my feet on daddy's shoes

he stepped on the gas and away we'd go
All I saw was a mountain in front of us
He said it's just a pile of stone and dust
I saw the world from his point of view, standing on daddy's shoes

He taught me to believe in myself, and to never give up
Said, you can do anything, if you remember, when the road gets tough
When there's a mountain you can't climb, you can go right through it
I learned about life from his point of view standing on Daddy's shoes


I've got everything I need

I know who I am and what I believe
I keep my eyes wide open

where my dreams are waitin' on the other side

He found his way through hard times and trouble, one thing on his mind
To build a better tomorrow, then what he left behind
A poor boy to a self made man
Made his own road, followed no ones plan
I live my life the way I do cause I'm walkin' in Daddy's shoes


where my dreams are waitin' on the other side

Words and music written by : Aldo Calabrese / Terry R. Bell
Copyright: 2004 Lil Bitty Publishing (BMI) / Hits in A Hat (ASCAP)