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Aldo Calabrese

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Americana/country recording artist, Aldo Calabrese

Welcome to Americana/Country recording artist, Aldo Calabrese official web site. The gutsy, soulful country music innovator has created a totally unique, absorbing, addictive, genre-bending sound that has caused fans and industry professionals alike to sit up, listen a little harder and take notice. Aldo emulated musical greats while growing up in the Rock and Roll capital of Cleveland, Ohio.  As he puts it, “All these sounds just sort of married themselves inside me”. In this marriage came the birth of an entirely new sound. Country that appeals to the most hardcore country fan and the most hardcore country-phobic, rhythm and blues with a twist, rockabilly that grew up.

In his latest album, Open Road, Aldo has taken the sound that has become synonymous with him, expanded and fine tuned it to create a genre all his own while exploring other sides of himself and his influences. From the up-tempo rockabilly feel of Stand On It to the tender ballads, What About Us, Fall Of The Year and Daddy's Shoes. From the free spirited, Open Road and Dixieland, to the socially conscious, Hearts Of Stone. This album has it all in what has been described by some Music Row executives as "power country".